Our mission is to create long-term wealth by investing in a portfolio of highly select, non-publicly traded investment opportunities possessing the potential for significant appreciation at an appropriate level of risk. The objective will be to significantly outperform, over long time periods, the potential return of a prudently invested portfolio of marketable securities. The private investment objective places an emphasis on the creation of wealth through capital appreciation as opposed to current income.

Focused on the Funding Gap

Provide capital for those companies either too small for institutional investors or too large for an individual investor, EBITDA between $2mm-$10mm

Delivering Value Beyond Capital

Offer substantial operating experience and active, value added management

Integrate core values into operating businesses – long history of stewardship and successful partnerships

Leverage an extensive network of contacts for the benefit of our partners and businesses

Creating Long-term Value

Build strong, lasting relationships with our management teams

Make decisions with a long-term time horizon allowing us flexibility to exit at the appropriate time

Current Investments

Realized Investments