A family of enterprises.


Vision Statement

To honor and advance the entrepreneurial legacy of Kemmons Wilson while enriching the lives of our families, associates, partners and the communities in which we live and work.

Mission Statement

By staying true to our core values, our people-first philosophy and our long-term perspective, we will advance the legacy of Kemmons and Dorothy Wilson. We will create and preserve wealth for our stakeholders by actively managing and prudently investing in a variety of opportunities that create enduring value.

Core Values

How we act

      • HumilityWe are proud of our work yet remain grounded as we know many people are responsible for our success.
      • IntegrityWe strive to earn trust by doing the right thing and being accountable for our actions.
      • RespectWe regard and appreciate each individual’s talents, differing perspectives and abilities to contribute.
      • ExcellenceWe hold ourselves to high standards in everything we do and constantly seek to improve ourselves, personally and professionally, while having fun along way.
      • ServiceWe encourage a culture of servant leadership and attend to all who cross our paths.
      • StewardshipWe make wise choices, always keeping in mind the best interests of our stakeholders.

Core Operating Principles

How we work

        • DisciplinedWe create processes and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness but allow for flexibility when appropriate.
        • EmpoweredWe believe in people and give them the tools and resources to do theirbest job.
        • EntrepreneurialWe seek creative and sometimes unconventional solutions.
        • ProactiveWe work with intention and avoid complacency.
        • BalancedWe strive to balance our lives between our home, our community and ourwork.
        • InclusiveWe identify and integrate all relevant ideas, people and organizations for each pursuit.
        • TransformationalWe focus our efforts on initiatives that can positively change the trajectory of growth for our family of enterprises.

Spence, Bob, Kem, Betty and Carole Wilson

Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the first Holiday Inn-1952


"Remember that we all climb the ladder of success one step at a time"