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Opened in late 1996, at the original flagship location in Memphis, TN; Wilson Air Center has clearly reinvented the FBO industry (aviation ground support, fueling and handling) by blending a heritage rich in hospitality management and a long-standing passion for aviation.  This experience and dedication has resulted in unprecented industry recognition. Voted Number One (#1) Best U.S. FBO Chain for six years (Professional Pilot Magazine) and Number One (#1) Best FBO in the America’s (Aviation International News) for an amazing ten consecutive years clearly defines Wilson Air Center has the best of the best.

Expansion outside of Memphis occurred in 2005 by adding two of the fastest growing cities in the United States…Charlotte and Houston to the brand.  In 2011, Wilson Air Center added Chattanooga to our award-winning chain of aviation support facilities.

Wilson Air Center is credited with reinventing the FBO industry with its innovative aircraft arrival canopy in Memphis (26,000 sq. ft.) and by introducing hotel-style concierge services, that attend to the finer details of the passenger. Coupled with the Wilson philosophy of outstanding service and a commitment to satisfy every aviation need of our customers; it is an attitude that competitors just can not match.

“Basically, they’re doing something extremely right in a very competitive field.  Our readers are impressed with the attitude at Wilson Air Center …it’s a service attitude.”

Mark Phelps – Aviation Int’l News


Wilson Air CenterMemphis, TN


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