Investment Characteristics

We look for companies that meet all the criteria below and with our diverse operating history, we remain opportunistic to investing in businesses outside our seven key industries.


  • Profitable companies under $100 million in revenues
  • Significant, organic and/or acquisition growth potential
  • Leading market position with a defensible product or service that competes on more than price
  • Value-based employee culture with a customer and goal oriented focus


  • Primarily Southeastern US but will consider anywhere in US
  • Industry neutral
  • Niche markets where the larger market participants are not as focused or cannot compete


  • Interested in the following investment-stage scenarios:
    • GROWTH investing to enable profitable, growing companies to fund internal growth and/or acquisitions
    • BUYOUTS where owners are looking to exit completely
    • RECAPITALIZATION providing partial liquidation of the owner’s equity position
  • Interested in acquiring a majority or meaningful minority ownership stake, with board involvement
  • A strong management team with a successful track record,
    and looking to retain a meaningful ownership stake
  • Situations where we are typically the first institutional investor

Research Paper Topics For Writing a Research Paper

The way to sense checker write a research paper is really straightforward, in case you have some knowledge of research paper issues. But, it is very useful to keep a list of frequent questions which may develop when attempting to write your research document.

– What research did you do? – Why would you do it? – Why should other people care?

Research papers are not simple to compose. They may be quite difficult, particularly if you’re fighting the content and don’t understand what you are doing. Even in case you think you understand how to compose a research paper, you might want to take a peek at a number of these points so you can better your writing abilities and get an advantage over other applicants.

Among the first research paper topics to take into account is the one that will place the most emphasis on you. It is essential to stay focused on your message. Whether you are writing about a subject that interests you or on something which folks in your area maintenance about, the content must not be weighed down by too much details. Your audience will appreciate you in the event you explain the details of your study in a way that makes sense and isn’t overpowering.

When unique article generator online you begin to compose about a particular subject, ensure that you work out the details of the research so that you have something to spell out on your essay. It can be difficult to generate a concrete argument about the topic if you don’t have done some serious study. Make sure you create your argument persuasive and professional.

The majority of the research paper issues concentrate on a variety of topics, but you may find yourself writing about the past. This is not always a bad thing. Your subject topic should relate to your own age, career path, etc.. In other words, research paper issues are considerably more likely to involve topics out of the own time instead of things from the future.

The simple fact that a specific research paper topic involves a particular area or query will assist you also. This offers you a more personal touch. You do not need to deal with the usual homework assignment wherever your subject must fit to a significant topic. Instead, you may tailor your subject to the individual who you’re writing for using the field they are working in as your own focus.

These tips can help you write a fantastic research paper topics. Keep in mind they are all only guidelines and that no issue is ever’that the’ one.