Investment Characteristics

We look for companies that meet all the criteria below and with our diverse operating history, we remain opportunistic to investing in businesses outside our seven key industries.


  • Profitable companies under $100 million in revenues
  • Significant, organic and/or acquisition growth potential
  • Leading market position with a defensible product or service that competes on more than price
  • Value-based employee culture with a customer and goal oriented focus


  • Primarily Southeastern US but will consider anywhere in US
  • Industry neutral
  • Niche markets where the larger market participants are not as focused or cannot compete


  • Interested in the following investment-stage scenarios:
    • GROWTH investing to enable profitable, growing companies to fund internal growth and/or acquisitions
    • BUYOUTS where owners are looking to exit completely
    • RECAPITALIZATION providing partial liquidation of the owner’s equity position
  • Interested in acquiring a majority or meaningful minority ownership stake, with board involvement
  • A strong management team with a successful track record,
    and looking to retain a meaningful ownership stake
  • Situations where we are typically the first institutional investor

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